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5 Tips for Mechanical Contractors: Enhancing Fabrication Shop Operations

In the ever-evolving landscape of mechanical contracting, the fabrication shop is the beating heart of successful mechanical contractors. As the prefabricated pipe and metal market becomes increasingly competitive, mechanical contractors find themselves at the forefront of innovation, seeking ways to expand capabilities and improve profit margins. Learn valuable tips for enhancing your mechanical fabrication shop […]

The Top 10 Issues Impacting Sheet Metal Contractors in 2023

Sheet metal contractors play a pivotal role in construction and are one of the leaders in prefabrication. Their expertise in fabricating and installing sheet metal components is essential for creating various structures and systems, from HVAC systems to architectural elements. However, like any other industry in construction, sheet metal contractors face multiple challenges and issues […]

Modular Construction: Innovations and Opportunities in 2023-2024

Modular Construction is like a building with building blocks but on a much larger scale. This approach is on the rise and involves crafting various building components, or modules, in a controlled factory setting. These modules are then brought to the construction site and assembled with impressive efficiency. Now, how did we get here? Well, let’s […]

Top 7 Trends Impacting Field Construction

The construction industry is well on its way in 2023. Many experts forecast continued growth, with greater technology adoption to accelerate an industry historically lagging in adoption. Here’s how construction technology’s use is trending to impact field construction and combat on-going challenges.   1.Prefabricated & Modular Construction Prefabricated and modular construction, where a structure is […]

How BIM is Driving Prefabrication and Modular Construction

For all the talk about how the trades need to implement building information modeling (BIM) processes, there are companies in the steel and MEP trades that have been using BIM since the late 1990s. A strong motivation was that the resulting detailed shop drawings and bills of materials helped automate production, and the models they […]

How prefabrication allows you to tap into a $265 billion profit pool

Contractors want to use more off-site techniques on projects to boost efficiency and productivity and save costs. Prefabrication isn’t always the right fit, but the technique is rapidly being adopted across construction projects. One of the critical challenges for preconstruction teams, design teams, and clients is identifying prefab opportunities for their construction projects. Prefab refers […]

The Rise of Prefabrication in Construction

Many owners and developers are beginning to incorporate pre-assembly and prefabrication processes into their construction projects rather than a more conventional approach.   With prefabrication and pre-assembly, the construction firm will set up a particular commercial space (fabrication shop) to prefabricate and assemble materials readied for the jobsite. Examples include pre-poured slabs, pre-assembled modular walls, […]

The top fabrication risks in the Oil and Gas industry

The Oil and Gas industry is a complex and unique market that currently fuels the world. Each step in the supply chain brings unique challenges, from the high temperatures and pressures in wells to handling corrosive chemicals during the refining process.   Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) is a contract-based project delivery model where Oil […]

7 Ways MSUITE is Charting a New Course for the MEP Construction Industry

Founded in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, MSUITE is charting a new course for the MEP construction industry as it empowers contractors and modular builders to manage the entire construction lifecycle.  MSUITE is a cloud-based management suite of software programs that connect BIM, Fab, and Field teams through easy-to-use and straightforward workflows that automate tedious tasks like […]

Prefabrication in construction. What does it mean?

Getting Started with Prefabrication and Offsite Construction Since the days of playing with Tinker Toys and Race Cars during our youth, the appeal of prefabrication has been around for many years. The number of parts, color-coded to different lengths, multi-sockets tagged to help children assemble their masterpieces with minimal effort. It is unbelievable that prefabrication […]

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