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Design Automation for MEP Professionals

By leveraging the power of your industry experience and ours, MSUITE BIM’s rule-based automation allows users to quickly automate fabrication spool & sheet creation, hanger placement, point layout, shop drawings and more.

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Spools and Sheets

Create Spools Once

Auto Spool rapidly creates assemblies using construction logic and project parameters to ensure that what gets fabricated in the shop will work for the field.

Less Time Detailing

DIY Spool Sheets easily automates the placement of views, dimensions, tags, and more. Whether you are placing dimensions on 3D views or Weld Mapping, let MSUITE BIM MEP automate it.

Hangers and Supports

Instant Hanger Placement and Reporting

Empower design teams by removing tedious hurdles like properly placing hangers throughout a model.

Easily Layout and Communicate Point Locations

Collaborate with layout teams in the field by automating point placement and reporting. Quickly create thousands of points and send them and the model straight to your total station equipment in the field.

Integrating BIM to Fab

Integrate with existing systems

Seamlessly push to/from MSUITE BIM to Autodesk BIM360 Docs and Forge for 2d and 3d.

Integrate with shop equipment

Connect model information directly to the cut tables.

MSUITE BIM is crucial to helping Brandt deliver superior designs and accurate fabrication to commercial and industrial facilities across Texas.



List Icon Autodesk® Revit® Plug-in

The plug-in for Autodesk® Revit® provides an in-application ribbon containing tools to help expedite spool and sheet creation.

List Icon Auto-Spooling

Automatically identify spools based on a set of rules.

List Icon MSUITE Fab Integration

Integration with MSUITE Fab, allowing enhancement of shop workflow and accurate transfer of information.

List Icon Create & Color Spools

Manually create spools within seconds. Color spools as you go to quickly identify spools within the model.

List Icon Break Spools

Break preexisting spools quickly to adjust and make new spools.

List Icon Titleblock & Sheet Layout

Custom Titleblock support with Parameter mapping. Schedule Creation and Placement for cuts, joints and materials.

List Icon Speed

3-15 seconds to create a sheet, fully
annotated; another 15-60 seconds to
clean up manually. Average manual spooling = 5 – 10 min; MSUITE BIM Spooling = 30 seconds; 90 X FASTER.

List Icon Auto-Dimensions

Automatically dimension rolling offsets. Display Centers, Faces and Ends in any View – Plan, Elevation, or Isometric.

List Icon Auto-Tag

Automatic 80% Overlap-Free Tag and Annotation Placement.

List Icon Tag & Annotation

Construction Annotations with Dimensions, Item Number Tags, Size Tags, Continuation Tags and Dimensions to Grids.

List Icon Updates

MSUITE BIM updates are released every 2-3
weeks, and are heavily influenced by
customer feedback.

List Icon Fabrication CADmep to Revit

Export MAJs with item data from CAD,
Validate MAJ data in Revit, Fix Connections for imported items and Convert Spools.

List Icon Model Viewer

Cloud Model Uploads to MSUITE Fab, so shopfloor can view 2D PDFs, spool map, and 3D model

List Icon DIY Spool Sheet Performance

3-15 seconds to create a sheet (depending on model size), fully annotated; another 15-60 seconds to clean up manually.

List Icon Auto-Spool Performance

273 spools and sheets created in 15 minutes. 18 spools/minute. 11,000 spools created in a 70,000+ multi-trade Fabrication Part model created in 24 hours, running in background.


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MSUITE is crucial to helping Brandt deliver superior designs and accurate fabrication to commercial and industrial facilities across Texas.

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McKinstry selected MSuite for its robust set of features and user experience. MSuite also received great accolades on its customer service which was also an important factor in our decision making process.

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Post Covid-19, MEP Construction firms are pushing the envelope to increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase communications. MSUITE allows our staff to manage pre-fabrication operations at a distance and build efficiently.

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MSUITE works continuously to improve their software and add functionality. For PSM, the Power BI Data Exports and Digital Spools have increased efficiency, saved time in the shop, and provided a platform for scheduling

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