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Increase visibility, productivity, and accuracy in your facility by leveraging MSUITE FAB to manage production as work moves from drawing approval through site receiving.

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Optimize Shop Floors

Reduced Risk – Automatic version control and removing drawings on shop floor when placing on hold.

Weld Log Automation – Get 100% traceability to any weld and quality results to reduce overhead costs by digitizing your documentation process.

Automated time sheets enables Fabricators to maximize profitability and better manage labor costs for jobs, packages, and bays.

Shop Benefits

Status Tracking

Automated real-time status tracking of job, package, iso, or spools from concept to completion keeps the PM, Engineer, and Fab Shop Manager on the same page.

Leverage your data

MSUITE automatically turns shop floor production and quality control data into actionable insights to improve efficiency and productivity.

Post-Weld Logistics

Your one-stop shop for automatic routing of post-weld processes (e.g., X-Ray, Paint, Coatings, Hydro Testing, etc.).

Configurable Workflows

Structure & streamline workflows to connect, automate and optimize work processes between engineering, project, and fabrication teams.

Jim Tedrow | MSUITE helps prioritize the work for our shop managers to make sure we’re on the right track.

Product Features for Industrial Fabricators

List Icon Digital QA QC (NDE)

Improve the integrity and accuracy of your QA & QC program by digitally tracking your Nondestructive Evaluations (NDE).

List Icon PDF Mark-Up

Create and capture all markups documented
with the drawings to handover.

List Icon Weld Log

Gain control in all processes – digitally capturing welder ID, welding procedures, heat numbers, inspector, QA process, QA results for reporting and administration.

List Icon Drawing Approval

Integrates the digital approval process in one system. Verify drawing accuracy, BOM, cuts, joints & fabrication readiness.

List Icon Post Process Logistics

Automate routing of post-weld processes (e.g., X-Ray, Paint, Coatings, Hydro Testing, etc.).

List Icon Cloud-Based & iPad App

Securely access MSUITE FAB anywhere, from any device. Custom role and user-based permissions control access to the data.

List Icon Automated Engineering to Shop

Improve the handover experience from engineering and detailing to fabrication.

List Icon Material Productivity Tracking

Get notifications of backorders and missing items; Track heat numbers, automated status log, and leverage passive tracking for real-time earned value & project analytics.

List Icon Automated Timesheets

Automated shift & cost code tracking provides accurate data for daily time-sheets.

List Icon Real-time Fabrication Analytics

Sortable, filterable tables allow for unique data flexibility & customization. Leverage reports and custom dashboards.

List Icon Close Out Documentation

Automatically generate multiple documents such as: Drawing Status Report, Weld Tracking, BOL, & Final Drawing Markups.

List Icon Custom Spec-Driven Workflows

Companies can define their own workflows & stages. Select visible data at each stage & create conditional workflows to follow project specs.

List Icon Priority Levels

Drawings & Spool priority can be managed from anywhere instantly identifying rush order drawings vs. drawings on hold.

List Icon Shipping Calendar

Manage your shipment requests & due dates. Automatic creation of BOL including collated drawings and weld log when loading the truck. Digital receiving stages.

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