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Modular Construction: Innovations and Opportunities in 2023-2024

Modular Construction is like a building with building blocks but on a much larger scale. This approach is on the rise and involves crafting various building components, or modules, in a controlled factory setting. These modules are then brought to the construction site and assembled with impressive efficiency. Now, how did we get here? Well, let’s […]

5 Tips for Moving Work to Your Fabrication Shop

As the prefabricated pipe and metal market becomes increasingly competitive, fabricators must seek out innovative ways to expand their capabilities and improve profit margins. One effective method is to move more work into the fabrication shop. Fabricators can operate more efficiently and reduce staffing costs by automating machinery, revamping workflows, integrating design with fabrication, investing […]

Top Innovative Technologies that are Reshaping Construction

Construction jobsites in 2023 resemble those in 1923, with manual bricklaying, paper blueprints, and scaffold towers. At $12 trillion, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) is one of the biggest industries in the world, but historically it has been among the slowest to digitize and innovate. This, however, is changing fast: strong demand for infrastructure, a […]

What are the best practices for managing change in your fabrication shop?

Implementing software in a fabrication shop promises to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce errors. But, before you can reap the benefits of new revolutionary changing shop management software, you should take the pulse of your shop and business culture. This article highlights best practices for managing change, improving your shop’s culture, and implementing the […]

Overcoming Construction Business Challenges

Your drive to digital transformation can help you overcome construction business challenges.  The construction industry is rapidly adopting technology, needing to meet compressed schedules, lower costs, and increase profits. The evolution of tech is accelerating, from drafting tables to CAD to Revit software and new cloud-based platforms, 3D printing, drones, reality capture, and wearable tech, […]

8 Musts When Designing for Pre-Engineered Building Structures

Pre-Engineered building structures are gaining substantial traction because of their many benefits, and contractors are now choosing prefabricated and modular construction over traditional methods. Prefabrication is nothing but a method of construction that includes the following: Manufacturing of components in a factory setting Transporting components to the desired site Assembling components on the site But […]

Construction Fabricators are Facing These Challenges in 2023

The continuous evolution of technology has led to many innovations and revolutions in the construction prefabrication industry, including the most talked-about one, i.e., Industry 4.0. In addition, the digitization era has brought many exciting changes for construction companies with cutting-edge connected shop management solutions. But many construction workflow issues still need to be resolved with […]

7 Best Practices Revolutionizing Construction Prefabrication in 2023

Prefabrication in construction is gaining substantial momentum, driven by exciting new technologies and significant project success. The construction industry requires new solutions to overcome rising project demands and a labor shortage. Prefabrication offers a solution for construction firms to take their capabilities to an entirely new level by leveraging construction technologies that are driving innovation, […]

How BIM is Driving Prefabrication and Modular Construction

For all the talk about how the trades need to implement building information modeling (BIM) processes, there are companies in the steel and MEP trades that have been using BIM since the late 1990s. A strong motivation was that the resulting detailed shop drawings and bills of materials helped automate production, and the models they […]

Why Prefabrication is Perfect for Building Manufacturing Facilities

Construction and manufacturing sectors historically have worked very differently. In manufacturing, optimizing production processes are the number one goal – delivering the highest efficiency and quality. By contrast, traditional construction companies tend to work from project to project selecting the best collaborators, materials, and methods (Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build, etc.) to meet specific needs. Now, prefabrication can […]

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