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Empowering Women in the Mechanical Industry at the WiMI Conference

The DEWALT Construction Technology team recently had the honor of attending the Women in the Mechanical Construction Industry (WiMI) Conference, a prestigious event dedicated to empowering women in the mechanical industry. This year’s conference, hosted by the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA), provided an invaluable platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas, share experiences, […]

Why Sheet Metal Contractors Need Shop Management Software

Proper management is important for sheet metal contractors to work well, be more productive, and provide high-quality work to clients. By implementing efficient systems and processes, contractors can streamline their workflow, track project progress, and manage resources effectively. This not only helps in meeting project deadlines but also in reducing costs and increasing profitability. Having […]

What Owners Are Searching for in Commercial Fabrication Shop Operations

In commercial construction, the choice of a fabrication shop partner can significantly influence a project’s success. Whether you are working on a high-rise building, an industrial facility, or a complex infrastructure project, the precision and quality of fabricated components are critical. The right commercial fabrication shop can deliver superior quality, ensure timely delivery, and provide […]

7 Tips for Improving Your BIM Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is cutting-edge for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Creating digital rendering of a structure’s functional and physical characteristics helps improve planning design, structural engineering, project management, and facilities management. Here are seven tips to enhance your BIM modeling for a more efficient and successful commercial building project. 1. Invest in […]

MEP in Construction: Roles, Challenges, and Technology

MEP commonly refers to the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing construction industry. MEP contractors are essential in construction. People often call them ‘unsung heroes’ because they significantly contribute to building every structure in our daily life. They ensure that our buildings are comfortable, functional, and safe. Despite their crucial role, the MEP sector faces numerous challenges […]

The 2024 Ultimate Guide to Prefabricated Construction

The Advantages of Prefabricated Construction Prefab or prefabricated construction is when parts are made off-site and assembled onsite. The process involves creating the components in a factory or workshop away from the final building location. Once the workers complete the parts, they transport them to the construction site for assembly. This method is becoming more […]

Celebrating Construction Safety Week & Prefabrication

Construction Safety Week is a great time to think about the progress we’ve made in improving safety on construction sites. One key innovation that has significantly reduced injuries and improved efficiency is prefabrication. We look at how prefabrication has improved construction safety, making our jobsites safer and work more efficient.   Understanding Prefabrication Workers assemble […]

2024 Top 10 Issues Impacting Fabrication Shops

Construction fabrication shops face new opportunities and challenges as the construction industry continues to be plagued by productivity problems. As we hit mid-2024 and turn to 2025, companies must adapt to keep pace with technological advancements, changing market demands, and regulatory pressures.   A study from the University of Chicago found that the U.S. construction industry […]

Celebrating National Skilled Trades Day on May 1

Every year on May 1, National Skilled Trades Day is celebrated to honor the essential contributions of skilled tradespeople to the economy and society. This day provides an opportunity to spotlight the various professions within the skilled trades and to acknowledge the vital skills and expertise these individuals bring to their work. In a world increasingly driven […]

On-Demand Webinar: Time to Value with Fabrication Technology

It’s here.  Enjoy this On-Demand Webinar with D.A. Dodd and learn how they accelerated Time to Value with Fabrication Technology. Date & Time: Recorded: May 1, 2024, 10:00 AM PST   Overview: The introduction of new technology in a fabrication setting can be intimidating. This webinar, featuring Anthony Burnett, Operations Manager, and Rob Anthrop, Fabrication […]

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