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Mission Statement


We believe that above all things our honor as a company and the honor of our employees is the most important. Nothing in business is worth sacrificing our honor. We have strong beliefs about what is right and wrong in business and we stand by those steadfastly.


MSUITE is a company of transparency. Whether that means communicating the business wins and losses with our team, or having a hard conversation with a potential customer, we believe that being transparent about the realities of a situation is paramount. This carries through to our products, where we have embedded a level of unmatched transparency.


We believe that the integrity of our company and our employees is critical to our sustainability. There are many opportunities to be dishonest or to make empty promises to each other and our customers and it is incumbent upon us to stand strong in those moments and do the right thing.


At MSUITE we innovate. It is what we eat, sleep, and breathe. We encourage an environment of open discussion and debate. No one is presumed to be right about anything. You must earn that victory every day. Innovation of processes, systems, and methods are core to what we design, develop, and produce for our customers, daily.

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Leadership Team

Britton Langdon

Chief Executive Officer

Benny Baltrotsky

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Jizba

Director of Sales

Erin Blomme

Director of Customer Success

Our Investors

Partnered with leading venture capital and industry experts.

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