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Why Sheet Metal Contractors Need Shop Management Software

Proper management is important for sheet metal contractors to work well, be more productive, and provide high-quality work to clients. By implementing efficient systems and processes, contractors can streamline their workflow, track project progress, and manage resources effectively. This not only helps in meeting project deadlines but also in reducing costs and increasing profitability. Having […]

Navigating the Structural Steel Fabrication Process

Structural steel fabrication is a complex and crucial process that involves multiple stages to create durable and reliable structures. This article features the seven main steps of the process and highlights their significance. We will also feature key considerations and discuss best practices for a successful fabrication project. Understanding Structural Steel Fabrication: Structural steel fabrication involves […]

10 VDC Tips for a Successful BIM Workflow for Fabricators

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has revolutionized commercial construction, providing a collaborative and efficient approach to project planning and execution. For fabricators, implementing a successful BIM workflow is critical to staying competitive and ensuring seamless collaboration with architects, engineers, and other stakeholders. Below, we’ll feature ten crucial VDC tips for fabricators to enhance their BIM workflow, […]

BIM Model to the Fabrication Shop

In the dynamic realm of construction, the seamless integration of technology can reshape how projects are conceived and executed. The Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) BIM model is a central hub of project information, notably encapsulated in the Building Information Model (BIM). However, the challenge arises when traditional fabrication processes need help to keep pace […]

BIM Implementation: Navigating Pitfalls and Best Practices

BIM (Building Information Modeling) has become an indispensable tool for designers, architects, and project managers in the construction industry. While the benefits of BIM are substantial, it’s crucial to navigate through potential pitfalls during its implementation. This article surfaces common mistakes to avoid and some best practices for integrating BIM into your operation.   Common […]

Improving Fabrication Operations Can Start with Better BIM Integration

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has revolutionized how projects are designed, managed, and executed in the construction industry. BIM digitally represents a building’s functional and physical characteristics, providing valuable insights and facilitating collaboration throughout construction. Among the many BIM software solutions (e.g., CAD, Revit, etc.) available, MSUITE BIM is a seamless plug-in that integrates with fabrication […]

How BIM is crucial for thriving with prefabrication!

Prefabrication and modular construction have helped advance the construction industry and continuing to do so, but by using BIM contractors are taking it to another level. Designing and producing building components offsite dates back over a century, but these methods demonstrate tremendous success on several levels thanks to modern technologies. BIM plays a significant role in […]

7 Best Practices Revolutionizing Construction Prefabrication in 2023

Prefabrication in construction is gaining substantial momentum, driven by exciting new technologies and significant project success. The construction industry requires new solutions to overcome rising project demands and a labor shortage. Prefabrication offers a solution for construction firms to take their capabilities to an entirely new level by leveraging construction technologies that are driving innovation, […]

How BIM is Driving Prefabrication and Modular Construction

For all the talk about how the trades need to implement building information modeling (BIM) processes, there are companies in the steel and MEP trades that have been using BIM since the late 1990s. A strong motivation was that the resulting detailed shop drawings and bills of materials helped automate production, and the models they […]

Improving Prefabricated and Precast Construction with BIM

The high global demand for more construction pushes the AEC industry to build quicker, smarter, and more efficiently. As a result, construction professionals are increasingly adopting BIM for Prefabrication to create safe and sustainable structures in shorter timeframes. Prefabricated BIM-based construction ensures material accuracy of elements readied in a facility, reducing material waste and increasing […]

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