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Building the Foundation: Celebrating Women in Construction Week

Welcome to Women in Construction Week 2024! This annual celebration gives important recognition to the invaluable contributions of women in the construction industry. As we embark on this week-long journey of acknowledgment and appreciation, we reflect on women’s groundbreaking progress in this traditionally male populated field. From breaking barriers to shattering stereotypes, women in construction continue […]

MSUITE BIM Product Update – December 2023

General Updates We are excited to announce the release of MSUITE BIM 6.0, which supports Revit 2024 and offers several new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. With Revit 2024 support, users can now take full advantage of the latest features and enhancements in Revit while still benefiting from the powerful features of MSUITE BIM. In […]

7 Keys for Making Your Fabrication Shop High Performing

How can a fabrication shop solve a client’s problem efficiently and cost effectively? How much industry expertise does your fabrication shop have within the MEP industry? “Our deadline is short, so can your fab shop deliver within an accelerated timeline and budget?”    The above common questions are asked by those who need fabrication but […]

The Benefits of Custom Aluminum in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom aluminum fabrication is pivotal in producing an extensive array of products globally, spanning various industries. Renowned for its exceptional mechanical and chemical properties, aluminum fabricated products are indispensable in transportation, construction, manufacturing, food and beverage, consumer durables, and electrical components. In this article, we highlight the myriad of advantages that make aluminum a preferred […]

Navigating the Structural Steel Fabrication Process

Structural steel fabrication is a complex and crucial process that involves multiple stages to create durable and reliable structures. This article features the seven main steps of the process and highlights their significance. We will also feature key considerations and discuss best practices for a successful fabrication project. Understanding Structural Steel Fabrication: Structural steel fabrication involves […]

Top 10 Benefits of Lean Construction and BIM

The construction industry is transforming, driven by two powerful catalysts: Lean Construction and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Emerging research reveals that these two forces coexist and share significant synergies that span the entire construction lifecycle. From the design phase to construction and facilities management, Lean Construction and BIM collaboration holds immense potential for revolutionizing the […]

10 VDC Tips for a Successful BIM Workflow for Fabricators

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has revolutionized commercial construction, providing a collaborative and efficient approach to project planning and execution. For fabricators, implementing a successful BIM workflow is critical to staying competitive and ensuring seamless collaboration with architects, engineers, and other stakeholders. Below, we’ll feature ten crucial VDC tips for fabricators to enhance their BIM workflow, […]

BIM Model to the Fabrication Shop

In the dynamic realm of construction, the seamless integration of technology can reshape how projects are conceived and executed. The Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) BIM model is a central hub of project information, notably encapsulated in the Building Information Model (BIM). However, the challenge arises when traditional fabrication processes need help to keep pace […]

BIM Implementation: Navigating Pitfalls and Best Practices

BIM (Building Information Modeling) has become an indispensable tool for designers, architects, and project managers in the construction industry. While the benefits of BIM are substantial, it’s crucial to navigate through potential pitfalls during its implementation. This article surfaces common mistakes to avoid and some best practices for integrating BIM into your operation.   Common […]

Revolutionizing Construction: The Case for Prefabrication in the Modern Building Industry

In the rapidly changing construction world, innovation is critical to meeting the increasing customer demands for efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable building solutions. One such innovation that has been gaining widespread recognition is prefabrication. This construction method involves manufacturing building components off-site, which are then transported and assembled at the construction site. Learn why construction companies […]

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