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Expert Methods for MEP Contractors Filing Requests for Loss of Productivity (LoP)

Project-specific Loss of Productivity (LoP) analysis methods are necessary for MEP contractors to quantify the loss of productivity impacts, irrespective of the cause.   Expert researchers and the MCAA, NECA, and SMACNA have aligned MEP trades to fully support the methods described in this article as industry-accepted approaches to quantifying impacts when making requests for equitable adjustment (REA) and delay claims. […]

BIM Best Practices for MEP Contractors

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is transforming the way the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) industry works. Across North America and worldwide, contractors face accelerated schedules, new standards, and requirements using BIM in various delivery models. Its adoption has been a mix across regions and countries, but the results for those that do adopt BIM are […]

7 Ways MSUITE is Charting a New Course for the MEP Construction Industry

Founded in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, MSUITE is charting a new course for the MEP construction industry as it empowers contractors and modular builders to manage the entire construction lifecycle.  MSUITE is a cloud-based management suite of software programs that connect BIM, Fab, and Field teams through easy-to-use and straightforward workflows that automate tedious tasks like […]

Prefabrication in construction. What does it mean?

Getting Started with Prefabrication and Offsite Construction Since the days of playing with Tinker Toys and Race Cars during our youth, the appeal of prefabrication has been around for many years. The number of parts, color-coded to different lengths, multi-sockets tagged to help children assemble their masterpieces with minimal effort. It is unbelievable that prefabrication […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Fabrication Shop

Construction Manufacturing and, specifically, pipe, plumbing, and sheet-metal fabrication is a fantastic practice that keeps buildings running and daily life in them enjoyable. The bottom line is that fabrication and fabrication shops are essential in modern construction practices. Below are ten ways that you – Our much appreciated and valued Fabricator, can improve your Fabrication […]

The 5 Principles of Lean Manufacturing in Construction

Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy foundationally built on creating value. Major manufacturers rely on lean manufacturing to eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and provide higher value to customers. Many firms also report improved employee morale from the results achieved.    Implementing lean construction has been gaining traction over the last several years as more MEP contractors realize […]

Building Information Modeling | Its Benefits to Construction

Across the commercial construction world, BIM (Building Information Modeling) has become necessary to ensure that the planning, design, and construction of buildings are efficient and collaborative. Read on to learn what BIM is, how BIM is used, and the maturity BIM levels mean.   Virtual design platforms used by design teams to improve productivity Since […]

Get Smarter – Improve Your Fabrication Shop with Model-Based Data

With the construction industry beginning to see exceptional value in adopting lean manufacturing & fabrication, there is a lot of information and opinions floating around about how to do it. Discussions can get vague, even puzzling. One thing that seems clear is that the foundation of smart manufacturing is model-based data. Moving it quickly up […]

Dodge Data Reports MEP Process Improvements

Dodge Data & Analytics, a leading researcher for the construction industry, recently released the Prefab and Modular Construction 2020 SmartMarket Report. The latest research from Dodge Data & Analytics on BIM and Pre-fabrication reveals that MEP contractors around the U.S. see extraordinary value from its use.   The Dodge report provides a comprehensive examination of […]

7 Advantages of Prefab & Modular Construction

As the MEP & Modular industry recognizes the incredible cost savings of integrating prefabrication and modular techniques into commercial construction, at the core is enabling teams to track, manage, and collaborate using lean manufacturing and fabrication shop best practices. Also, powerful, innovative technology is necessary for construction firms to achieve their prefabrication goals. The latest […]

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