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What to do at MEP Innovation in Austin

The MEP Innovation Conference 2023 brings the industry’s leading trade associations, MCAA, NECA, and SMACNA, together to host the best technology conference for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and sheet metal contractors.

This year’s conference will offer educational sessions led by contractors from all three trade associations, including collaborative roundtable discussions, innovative speaker sessions, and hands-on exhibitors featuring recent technologies that improve MEP contractors’ profits and productivity.

Who attends: MEP members and contractors ready for an industry revolution and advancements concepts, process, workflows, and solutions to advance the built world. See thought leaders, new technologies, real advancements taking place for future success, today. MCAA, NECA, and SMACNA members are exploring innovative technology and processes.

MEP Innovation Event Contact: Have questions or need assistance? Contact or call 301-869-5800. Register today.


Exhibit Hall Open Hours

Date: Wed, Jan 11 | Time: 12:30- 3:30 pm and 5:45- 7:30 pm

Join DEWALT, MSUITE, and DADO showcases featuring the latest innovative construction and connected technology for trade contractors.


Featured Talks and Breakout Sessions 

Session: Overall Hanger Costs for MEP Contractors

Date: Wed, Jan 11 | Time: 11:00- 11:50 am | Location: Room 402

Overview: Reduce installation time and improve efficiency for fabricated hangers, reducing labor and driving profitability—workflow and scheduling collaboration to maximize anchor & fastener usage with the ability to drive productivity.


Bill McNamara is with DEWALT Anchors & Fasteners and has six-plus years in Commercial and Industrial Product Marketing and Sales. ACI certified and proficient in concrete anchoring industry products.

Christopher Herrmann is also with DEWALT Anchors & Fasteners and brings 20+ years of industry experience working with contractors, distribution customers, and software and technology partners.


Session:  Productizing Construction with MSUITE

Date: Wed, Jan 11 | Time: 12:30- 1:30 pm | Location: Room 403-404

Overview: As the MEP trades continue to evolve their prefabrication processes, many contractors are searching for ways to standardize and productize materials shipped to the field. MSUITE’s robust solutions enable this workflow and many others. Join MSUITE’s product team to discuss productization and enhance value in your shop.

Speaker: Britton Langdon is the VP of Construction Technology at Stanley Black & Decker/DEWALT where he leads a new initiative to connect software, hardware, tools, and machinery in a single connected ecosystem for trade contractors.


Session: Powering ConTech 2.0 for the Trades 

Date: Wed, Jan 11 | Time: 2:45- 3:55 pm | Location: Room 403-404

Overview: Construction Technology 1.0 pushed the envelope with General Contractors and Construction Managers. The next generation of Construction Technology is taking trade contractors to the next level. Trade contractors have unique needs regarding tools and technology, and DEWALT Construction Technology exists to make life better for builders and fabricators. Benny Baltrotsky, VP of Commercialization at DEWALT ConTech, will identify how DEWALT is zeroing in on the needs of the fab shop with software and hardware that supports the prefabrication lifecycle. He’ll also look ahead to the exciting bets the team is making on new and emerging technologies for the trades.

Join us to learn how DEWALT Construction Technology is launching technology tools purpose-built for craftspeople and field leaders operating in today’s and tomorrow’s complex, evolving jobsites.

Speaker: Benny Baltrotsky is the VP of Commercialization at DEWALT Construction Technology, focused on bringing innovative technology to market.


Session: Providing VDC Training to Journeymen and Apprentices

Date: Thur, Jan 12 | Time: 10:15 am – 11:05 am | Location: Waller E/F

Overview: To be proficient in drafting in VDC programs, employees must pull from both knowledge sets and field experience. This session will discuss training union labor, both from the field and through the apprenticeship, to teach incorporating coordination software in the field. Discussions will include how contractors around the country approach VDC, what content to teach each set of people, and how they bring labor to the office.


Eric Posey is the owner of FUSED – an MCAA contractor offering BIM/VDC services and training.

Stephen Schnell is the Director of Training at UA Local 467 JATC with an extensive background in construction technology and education. He serves on several local and national education committees.


Session: Productizing Your Company

Date: Thurs, Jan 12 | Time: 2:15 – 3:05 pm | Location: Waller C

Overview: Every construction project can be considered an individual prototype with unique aspects; however, most of the features in a building are repeatable but built as prototypes each time. This session explains how construction companies simplify and apply it to design and fabrication processes by leveraging manufacturer and VDC partners. One successful example includes a generic product catalog of typical items, including carrier units, shower valves, stub outs, and laundry basins for advanced flexibility and production.


Jim Tedrow has 23 years of industry experience, and currently, the Piping Operations Manager is working with all our markets and implementing best practices, standard products, and new technology.

Brandon Minick is the Director of VDC at Modern. He has been with Modern for ten years. As the VDC Director, he is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to align with business goals and objectives.

Austin, Texas, USA
Austin, Texas, USA

Looking for Things to Do in Austin Texas?


Much more than Music, Austin has something for you. 

Music is part of the deep fabric of life in Austin. Today, Austin is home to world-class museums, arts, culture, unique shopping, a renowned ballet, and amazing outdoor spaces for imagination and adventure. Start the morning paddling the lake then stroll an award-winning history museum and finish at a spa.

If you’re searching for activities outside of the MEP Innovation Conference 23, below are some wonderful ideas.

  • Music Scene – Live music is everywhere in Austin, and you can discover musicians performing all over town, from the airport terminal to grocery stores. Nightly, you’ll discover Austin musicians performing at coffeehouses, clubs, taquerias, coffeehouses, bars, concert halls, and sporting events – with more than 250 live music venues there’s no shortage of live music in Austin.
  • Attractions – Austin is recognized as the Live Music Capital of the World®, but home to unique attractions and world-class museums. Explore unique gardens and historic homes, or zipline through the Hill Country before visiting several STEM museums. Discover Austin attractions.
  • Outdoor Activities – For the outdoor enthusiast, Austin is a playground with everything from crystal-clear lakes to scenic trails to hike, bike and jump on a boat for a few hours. Austin offers 300+ days of sunshine and average mild temperatures. Find outdoor activities, swimming holes, and parks.
  • Food and Drink – In addition to the live music scene, Austin takes drinking and eating seriously with the culinary and cocktail scene exploding over the past few years. Visitors can delight in various cuisines and experiences. Find Austin bars, breweries, bars, restaurants, and more.
  • Hill Country – Just west of the city limits, you’ll Austin’s rolling hills and running rivers make up the Texas Hill Country comprising of historic towns, more than two dozen vineyards. The Hill Country features amazing waterfalls, caves, and charming shops along with authentic Texas barbecue, and historic landmarks. Explore the Hill Country.
  • Entertainment Districts – Explore Austin’s diverse entertainment districts and unique neighborhoods, which include walking tours here.
  • Arts – The heart and soul of Austin is in it’s fine art galleries. Experience the Austin arts.
  • Nightlife – Known as the Live Music Capital of the World®, Austin offers music for every mood, whether its dancing the night away or to two-step at a dance hall, dance the night away with a local DJ, or belly up the bar at a dive where the jukebox plays all night long, you’re sure to have a night to remember. Discover Austin’s legendary nightlife scene.
  • Shopping – Whether you’re a luxury-label lover or a vintage treasure hunter, Austin has just the place to shop at sprawling outdoor malls, charming retail districts, and an abundance of vintage and thrift stores. You won’t come home empty-handed. Find shops and boutiques.
  • Tours – There are so many ways to see Austin, from guided tours of downtown and a 3-hour walking tour of Austin’s best eateries to a family-friendly adventure on one of our nearby lakes. Check out tours in Austin.
  • History – Austin is a city with a history and is alive for you to explore its museums, architecture, monuments, and diverse citizens. Experience the historic Austin.
  • Motorsports – Austin’s Circuit of The Americas racing facility is home to some of the most popular racing events in the world each year. Checkout racing in Austin.
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