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Pipefitting Fabrication Best Practices 2024

In the construction industry, effective pipefitting is important in making sure materials flow smoothly through pipelines, whether liquids or gases. For professionals in a fabrication shop, understanding the nuances of pipe fabrication is essential for efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. This article gives an overview of pipefitting fabrication, including best practices, necessary tools, and new advancements […]

The 2024 Ultimate Guide to Prefabricated Construction

The Advantages of Prefabricated Construction Prefab or prefabricated construction is when parts are made off-site and assembled onsite. The process involves creating the components in a factory or workshop away from the final building location. Once the workers complete the parts, they transport them to the construction site for assembly. This method is becoming more […]

What are the essential elements of Industrial Prefabrication?

Industrial prefabrication is a construction method in which building components are manufactured off-site in a factory setting and transported and assembled on-site. This construction method has gained popularity recently due to its many advantages, including cost savings, time efficiency, and improved quality control.   The essential elements of industrial prefabrication include: Design: The design process is critical […]

Construction Fabricators are Facing These Challenges in 2023

The continuous evolution of technology has led to many innovations and revolutions in the construction prefabrication industry, including the most talked-about one, i.e., Industry 4.0. In addition, the digitization era has brought many exciting changes for construction companies with cutting-edge connected shop management solutions. But many construction workflow issues still need to be resolved with […]

7 Construction Industry Trends to Watch for in 2023

From technological advancements to ongoing labor shortages and supply chain disruptions, you can expect to see some significant construction industry trends continuing to impact all corners of our market. The good news is the industry outlook remains relatively stable. As reported by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Backlog Indicator has reached its highest level […]

Prefabrication Benefits for Industrial Construction in 2023

Industrial construction is a growing sector within prefabrication. While previously done on-site, industrial contractors are moving to safer, off-site facilities that come with a variety of benefits. Industrial construction is primarily located on the outskirts of a town. Therefore, manufacturing sites factor in the need for special conveyance requirements such as 24/7 shipping and receiving, […]

10 Benefits of Prefab in Construction

Prefabrication (or Prefab) involves constructing building components offsite and at a secure facility, then transporting the materials and units for assembly on the jobsite. While on the jobsite, trade contractors assemble units and hand over buildings to their new owners. This process eliminates the need for traditional “stick-building” construction and, among many benefits, reduces waste. […]

Top Issues Facing Electrical Contractors on Industrial Projects in 2023

There is no room for error in electrical contracting projects in industrial settings. They are highly complex and physically demanding, varying from chemical plants and production environments to plastic and rubber facilities. As a result, electrical contractors with experience and expertise matters more in these projects than in many other fields. If “company fit” isn’t […]

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