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The DEWALT Construction Technology team recently had the honor of attending the Women in the Mechanical Construction Industry (WiMI) Conference, a prestigious event dedicated to empowering women in the mechanical industry. This year’s conference, hosted by the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA), provided an invaluable platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas, share experiences, and enhance their skills.

Six trailblazers from DEWALT Construction Technology who are making their mark in the construction industry attended the WiMI conference, including Siobhán Sawyer, Erin Blomme, Erica Donahue, Jessica Luke, Ellen Baum, and Diane Caravajal.


A Gathering of Industry Leaders

The WiMI Conference brought together a diverse group of women shaping the mechanical industry’s future. With networking opportunities at the forefront, attendees had the chance to connect with like-minded professionals, fostering a supportive and collaborative community. These interactions are vital for personal and professional growth, offering insights into best practices, innovative strategies, and emerging trends.

Women in Mechanical Industry MCA


DEWALT’s Commitment to Innovation and Diversity

DEWALT has always been a pioneer in the construction technology sector, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our participation in the WiMI Conference underscores our commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion within the industry. Diverse perspectives lead to better problem-solving and more innovative solutions.


Key Takeaways from the Conference

  1. Empowerment through Networking: The WiMI Conference emphasized the importance of building a solid professional network. DEWALT team members engaged in meaningful conversations with peers, mentors, and industry leaders, discussing challenges and opportunities unique to women in the mechanical industry.
  2. Skill Enhancement Workshops: The conference featured a variety of workshops focused on skill enhancement, leadership development, and technical training. These sessions gave DEWALT team members new tools and techniques to apply daily, enhancing our commitment to excellence.
  3. Innovative Strategies for Success: Through panel discussions and presentations, attendees explored innovative strategies for overcoming industry challenges. DEWALT’s team shared insights on leveraging technology to improve efficiency and productivity, contributing to the collective knowledge base of the industry.


Spotlight on Women Leaders

The conference also highlighted the achievements of women leaders who have made significant contributions to the mechanical industry. These inspiring stories testify to women’s impact when allowed to lead and innovate. DEWALT is proud to support these trailblazers and is committed to fostering an environment where more women can thrive.

Women in Mechanical Industry at WiMi

Attending the WiMI Conference was a transformative experience for the DEWALT Construction Technology team. It provided a unique opportunity to connect with industry peers, gain new insights, and reinforce our commitment to diversity and innovation. As we continue to champion the inclusion of women in the mechanical industry, DEWALT remains dedicated to creating a more inclusive and dynamic future for all professionals.

Visit the MCAA WiMI page for more information on the Women in the Mechanical Industry (WiMI) initiative. Together, we can build a more robust, more innovative mechanical industry.


Opening Reception at the Women in Mechanical Industry Conference


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About WiMI

The Women in the Mechanical Industry (WiMI) initiative is dedicated to attracting, retaining, and promoting women in the mechanical industry. WiMI aims to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women professionals through networking, education, and advocacy. Visit WiMI for more information.


By sharing our experiences and insights from the WiMI Conference, DEWALT hopes to inspire and empower more women to pursue careers in the mechanical industry, driving innovation and progress for years.

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