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Women in Construction

Welcome to Women in Construction Week 2024! This annual celebration gives important recognition to the invaluable contributions of women in the construction industry. As we embark on this week-long journey of acknowledgment and appreciation, we reflect on women’s groundbreaking progress in this traditionally male populated field. From breaking barriers to shattering stereotypes, women in construction continue to reinvent and modernize our challenging and rewarding profession.

Featured Trailblazers:

Women in Construction Week celebrates trailblazers who have paved the way for future generations. These women have each brought their own unique vision, talents, and strategy to the industry. From designers and technologists to project managers and trade workers, their stories inspire us to create new visions for the contributions of women in the built environment. Let’s take a moment to honor their ingenuity and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Today, we explore the journey of five trailblazers from DEWALT Construction Technology who are making their mark in the construction industry: Siobhán Sawyer, VP of Field Technical Services; Charletta Houston, Director of Account Management; Brianna Ladd, Technical Specialist; Erin Blomme, Manager of Product Marketing; and Jessica Luke, Senior Account Manager.


Women in Construction at DEWALT Construction Technology



Siobhán: I was first introduced to Construction Technology when I was asked to be the Commercial Participant in the new product evaluation of the Converge Concrete sensors with the product team as we evaluated sensors as a perspective product to add to our product offering. My background in Concrete design and Construction along with the sales teams at DEWALT made me a willing participant.

Erin:  I started back in 2016 working for FabPro, which became MSUITE and was eventually purchased by DEWALT. I was initially brought on to utilize my background in design to help with marketing and conferences. I quickly ended up helping with Products, providing Customer Training, and running Customer Success!

Brianna:  The start of my career in Construction Technology could probably be officially attributed to accepting a job building Revit content and providing Revit support for all trades in the construction industry, working for an Autodesk reseller!

I had experience working with Revit from learning and earning my degree in Design from The Arts Institutes. I knew enough to get started, but I learned a LOT on the job! My desire to be in the construction industry stemmed from my carpenter grandfather. I remember being at their house (one of my favorite places ever) and completely in awe that he built it!    

Charletta: I started my career in Construction Technology in 2018, working with a firm to pursue client portfolios by doing all the work across the entire construction cycle with technology. I built a team utilizing my program management and manufacturing background to embed technology in the Factory and Jobsite Integration Cycle, also known as the Preconstruction Stage.

Jessica: I started working in construction right out of college at STANLEY Access Technologies, a (former) business unit of Stanley Black & Decker, known for its innovative automatic door solutions. Over the years of working for SAT, I developed a strong passion for construction, mainly while collaborating with technicians on jobsite installations and service repairs. After working on the SBD Global Cross Business team for a year, the opportunity to pivot into construction technology came when SBD acquired MSUITE. After one conversation with founder Britton Langdon & our VP of Sales and Ops, Ricardo Rodriguez, I knew I wanted to be part of DEWALT Construction Technology.



Charletta: I enjoy being impactful in my career. Working in Construction Technology has afforded me the opportunities to work alongside talented team members to not only change the way we do construction going forward but also to disrupt the industry positively. My contributions to this technology will allow the next generation to ideate and construct faster, bringing new businesses to life, which is very exciting.

Siobhán: Learning new technology and figuring out how to build on my strong engineering and industry background to bring new and cutting-edge products to our customers.

Erin:  The best thing about working in construction technology is the chance to change the industry. It’s new and fresh in so many ways that we can move and grow quickly! It also allows us to educate people and helping them with genuine needs is rewarding.

Jessica: The best part about working in construction technology is, without a doubt, the people. The industry is filled with hardworking, talented, and inspiring individuals, each bringing unique skills and insight. Having a front-row seat at industry events and seeing first-hand the cutting-edge technologies being introduced into the construction space highlights the innovative spirit of this community. I love that there is always something new to learn, and I’m always close to my SAT roots every time I step onto a fabrication shop floor.

Brianna:  Technology is ALWAYS changing! I know we hear that a lot, but it’s true! It keeps the industry attractive and exciting and always offers the opportunity to solve industry issues. It makes every day different and exciting.



Brianna:  Go! For! It! You never know where a start, or a beginning, might lead. I’ve had more fun in my career than I ever could’ve “planned” for myself.

Erin: I would tell anyone to be a sponge. As women, especially in a male-dominated industry, we sometimes try to show how much we know or portray confidence, which can hurt us by not asking questions. Everyone loves to share their experiences and talk about what they know. In the construction industry, you’re working with very proud individuals. They are proud of who they are and the work that they do. So, I encourage all women who get into this industry to ask questions. And don’t stop at the surface, but prod, go deep, and ask more and more. Ask what, ask how, and most importantly, always ask why!

Charletta: Do not limit yourself or believe your skillsets may not fit for Construction Technology. Your perspective and experiences are needed to enhance problem-solving and elevate performance that ultimately translates into greater revenue for businesses. Therefore, do not second guess yourself…do your research and go for it. In the right environment, your diversity of thought will be beneficial.

Jessica: Now is the time for women to consider a career in the construction technology industry. Last time I checked, women only comprised about 10% of the construction industry. Women bring a unique perspective to this industry and offer different ways of tackling problems. The industry benefits immensely from varied viewpoints and approaches, and your presence not only shakes things up in the best way but also opens the door for more women to join.

Siobhán: Take the leap!! No matter what stage you are at in your career it is always rewarding to learn new skills and bring your new knowledge to your customers while making a positive impact on their projects. There are so many directions to go within Construction Technology you will always be challenged and with that comes great personal satisfaction.


Embracing Diversity and Inclusion:

  • One of the most significant strides in the construction industry in recent years has been the emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Recognizing the importance of a diverse workforce, companies have concerted efforts to attract and retain talented women in construction roles. This shift fosters a more inclusive work environment and brings diverse perspectives to the table, driving innovation and excellence.


Celebrating Non-Traditional Roles:

  • Gone are the days when specific roles within the construction industry were deemed off-limits to women. Today, women are breaking barriers and excelling in traditionally male-dominated fields such as carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work. Their skill, expertise, and dedication testify to the limitless potential of women in construction. Challenging stereotypes and defying expectations are reshaping the construction industry landscape for generations.


Fostering Mentorship Networks:

  • In a field where mentorship and support are invaluable, women in construction have found strength in solidarity. Mentorship programs and support networks are crucial in empowering women to navigate the construction industry’s complexities and advance their careers. Whether it’s sharing knowledge, offering guidance, or creating opportunities for growth and networking, these networks provide a community for women to keep growing their careers in construction.


Addressing Challenges and Creating Opportunities:

  • Despite the progress made, women in construction still face retention challenges like harassment, gender bias, unequal pay, and limited opportunities for advancement. By advocating for necessary changes to industry culture, more diversity in leadership, and championing inclusivity, women in construction are reshaping the narrative and creating a more equitable future for all.


As Women in Construction Week draws close, let us carry forward the spirit of celebration, empowerment, and advocacy. Let us continue to uplift and support women in construction, honoring their contributions, amplifying their voices, and championing their success. Together, we can build a future where every woman can thrive, flourish, and leave her mark on the construction world.

To all the incredible women in construction: thank you for your hard work, dedication, and relentless commitment to excellence. Your passion, resilience, and tenacity inspire us all. Happy Women in Construction Week!

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