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BIM Model to the Fabrication Shop

In the dynamic realm of construction, the seamless integration of technology can reshape how projects are conceived and executed. The Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) BIM model is a central hub of project information, notably encapsulated in the Building Information Model (BIM). However, the challenge arises when traditional fabrication processes need help to keep pace […]

Revolutionizing Construction: The Case for Prefabrication in the Modern Building Industry

In the rapidly changing construction world, innovation is critical to meeting the increasing customer demands for efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable building solutions. One such innovation that has been gaining widespread recognition is prefabrication. This construction method involves manufacturing building components off-site, which are then transported and assembled at the construction site. Learn why construction companies […]

Searching for a Career in Fabrication Operations?

Construction today requires evolving talent to meet the changing demands and technological advancements of our industry. In 2023, the duties and responsibilities within fabrication operations offer many career opportunities for construction professionals.  A fabrication shop and its operations now encompasses various roles collaborating seamlessly to deliver high-quality industry-wide solutions. Each team member, from skilled fabricators […]

5 Tips to Optimize Your Design for Better Metal Fabrication

Custom metal fabrication begins with an original design. Your custom metal fabrication design will ultimately dictate how your product is made and how it turns out. When you optimize your custom metal fabrication design, you can take advantage of shorter lead times, cost savings, increased durability, and many other benefits. Here are five things to […]

8 Musts When Designing for Pre-Engineered Building Structures

Pre-Engineered building structures are gaining substantial traction because of their many benefits, and contractors are now choosing prefabricated and modular construction over traditional methods. Prefabrication is nothing but a method of construction that includes the following: Manufacturing of components in a factory setting Transporting components to the desired site Assembling components on the site But […]

7 Tips for Improving Your Fab Shop and Large Complex Fabrications

Prefabrication and modular construction are driving MEP and Industrial contractors to invest in fabrication and spend millions on equipment and machines to work on large complex fabrications. They are also investing considerable resources in new technology to develop highly skilled workers to be more productive. Organizing your fabrication shop floor and workflows is equally crucial […]

Fabrication Shops Need to Adopt Technology

2023 is right around the corner, and fabrication shops of all sizes must consider investing in technology to combat the talent pool shortage and alleviate pain points on the shop floor. In addition, the industry is rapidly adopting prefabrication and modular construction on every project, which presents significant growth opportunities, but the scale can only […]

Standard Hardware Options for Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Does precision sheet metal fabrication require selecting the proper hardware? Of course. Many types of hardware for Sheet Metal achieve the same goals but offer several different options to connect parts. Sheet metal hardware can vary by material, type, thickness, thread code, length, and shank. As a result, selecting the right part can be overwhelming. To make […]

How Shapiro & Duncan uses tech and equipment in MEP prefabrication

Learn how MSUITE, PypeServer and Shapiro & Duncan are pushing the envelope in productivity and reducing substantial costs in the fabrication shop. Many MEP contractors have machines and technology they use to build, but not many know how to connect the two. This webinar covers the value of that connected system and offers advice how […]

Lean Manufacturing Helps MEP Contractors Eliminate Waste

Lean manufacturing addresses a significant issue that can impact any MEP Contractor: Waste. Not taking full advantage of all your resources stunts efficiencies and, in so doing, interferes with production. These neglected resources include everything from manufacturing tools and processes to worker skills. The Construction Industry is, of course, rife with waste and issues related […]

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