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MSUITE Announces Integrations to Eliminate Machine Cutting Programming

MSUITE announces integrations to eliminate machine cutting programming and provide connected workflows for MEP & Modular contractors.

Automating real-time production and material logistics with enhanced machine connectivity offers Industry 4.0 advancements for MEP and Modular contracting fabrication shops.


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, MSUITE announced today the latest releases of its integrations to PypeServer software and TigerStop Autosaw cutting machines, forging a path to provide Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) and Modular contractors with enhanced connected workflows and end-to-end process optimization.


The MSUITE integrations with TigerSaw™ and PypeServer® eliminate machine programming and automate real-time production and material logistics directly from the floor to help MEP and modular contractors save money, increase productivity and efficiency, and reduce risks. Shop staff no longer need to create and manage CSV files or use paper, and the integrations eliminate multiple manual steps to maximize efficiencies of the cutting process, reducing wasted materials scrap and time. Other enhancements include:


  • Two-way model data transfer between MSUITE-PypeServer-TigerSaw to streamline fabrication and provide real-time updates
  • Automated control of machines, positioners, and saws
  • Nesting of individual and multiple spools for material use optimization, traceability, and machine monitoring.
  • Status tracking and productivity tracking, creating transparency in production lifecycles.


“We created MSUITE to improve production management and increase throughput and quality while decreasing cost and waste,” said Britton Langdon, CEO of MSUITE. “Automatically collecting data directly from your equipment and providing real-time data to drive decisions is helping customers meet these objectives–boosting the efficiency and profitability for the entire operation.”

Tiger Stop Cutting Machine


About TigerSaw: TigerSaw is a fully automatic push feeding saw system for fast and precise cutting of non-ferrous metals to reduce scrap and increase throughput.


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About PypeServer: PypeServer software connects CAD and BIM systems to pipe profilers, saws, and other tools to eliminate machine programming, minimize material waste, and reduce the need for grinding or filling during fit-up.


Watts MuellerAbout Watts:  MSUITE released an update to its integration with Watts 3DPP Automated 3D Profile cutting machine, enabling model data to machine and nesting spool cut optimization helping pipe trade contractors increase accuracy, quality, and performance.


Two-way model data exchange between machines and fabrication software strikes at the heart of Industry 4.0, helping contractors increase throughput and quality while decreasing cost and waste. By leveraging integrations to PypeServer and leading cutting machines, MSUITE enables MEP prefabrication and modular building industries with a truly connected workflow for shops.


The era of Industry 4.0 is upon us, and companies are facing strong demand to increase their productivity by realizing smart factories and intelligent manufacturing. With the advantages of solutions such as industrial automation, and machine automation technologies, hardware-software integration – it’s finally safe to say the MSUITE is leading the development of Industry 4.0 is cutting a trail in construction.





Founded in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Born in Construction. MSUITE empowers MEP and Modular Construction firms to connect the BIM-to-FAB-to-FIELD workflow with easy-to-use, scalable, industry-focused software that provides real-time status updates and valuable tracking and estimating information. Trusted by customers across North America, MSUITE’s mission is to continually offer contractors superior client services married to a best-in-class revolutionary technology that transforms construction. We Connect BIM-FAB-Field teams. Learn more at

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