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Design Automation for MEP Professionals

By leveraging the power of your industry experience and ours, BIMPro’s rule-based automation allows users to quickly automate fabrication spool & sheet creation, hanger placement, point layout, shop drawings and more.

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Spools and Sheets

Create Spools Once

Auto Spool rapidly creates assemblies using construction logic and project parameters to ensure that what gets fabricated in the shop will work for the field.

Less Time Detailing

DIY Spool Sheets easily automates the placement of views, dimensions, tags, and more. Whether you are placing dimensions on 3D views or Weld Mapping, let BIMPro MEP automate it.

Hangers and Supports

Instant Hanger Placement and Reporting

Empower design teams by removing tedious hurdles like properly placing hangers throughout a model.

Easily Layout and Communicate Point Locations

Collaborate with layout teams in the field by automating point placement and reporting. Quickly create thousands of points and send them and the model straight to your total station equipment in the field.

Integrating BIM to Fab

Integrate with existing systems

Seamlessly push to/from BIMPro to Autodesk BIM360 Docs and Forge for 2d and 3d.

Integrate with shop equipment

Connect model information directly to the cut tables.

MSUITE solutions like BIMPro provide my team the flexibility to work with whichever model content they are most familiar with and provides the deliverables with the necessary metadata to support our downstream mechanical and plumbing processes.

Aaron Ball | Director of BIM at Katerra

What our customers are saying

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John Trammell

MSUITE is crucial to helping Brandt deliver superior designs and accurate fabrication to commercial and industrial facilities across Texas.

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CJ Best

McKinstry selected MSuite for its robust set of features and user experience. MSuite also received great accolades on its customer service which was also an important factor in our decision making process.

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Chris Canter

Post Covid-19, MEP Construction firms are pushing the envelope to increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase communications. MSUITE allows our staff to manage pre-fabrication operations at a distance and build efficiently.

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Brady Coulombe

We love the MSUITE and BIM360 integration! Being able to see the spools in 3D and 2D saves of lots of time, eliminating questions from the shop.

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Aaron Ball

Their innovative solutions to long-standing process issues are pivotal to my team’s end-to-end goals. I look forward to growing with them.

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