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Increase visibility, productivity, and accuracy in your facility by leveraging FabPro to manage production as work moves from drawing approval through site receiving.

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Enhance your process

Model Driven, PDFs, or Hand Drawn

Whether your work instructions come from BIM, CAD, PDF, or field drawing on a napkin, FabPro helps keep everything in one spot.


Fabrication estimates, timesheet reports, and process improvement feedback in real-time.

Easy to use

FabPro for the shop floor shows just the work needing to be done, in the order it needs to be done.

Optimize Production

Waste Reduction

With integrations into machines like TigerStop, RazorGauge, Watts, HGG, and PypeServer FabPro is able to optimize your cutting processes.

Increase Productivity

Stay on track with the most advanced materials and labor progressing in the industry. FabPro automatically turns shop floor production data into actionable insights you can use to improve your efficiency and productivity.

Streamline Communication

Whether it is the endless emails asking when things will be shipped or the drawing changes on the fly, FabPro streamlines communications between office, shop, and field teams with real-time notification of things like approvals for fabrication, drawing markups, trucks leaving the shop, and more.

MSUITE empowers our design team to efficiently collaborate with fabrication and construction teams to produce drawings at an unprecedented rate.

John Trammell | Director of VDC Technologies at The Brandt Companies

What our customers are saying

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John Trammell

MSUITE is crucial to helping Brandt deliver superior designs and accurate fabrication to commercial and industrial facilities across Texas.

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CJ Best

McKinstry selected MSuite for its robust set of features and user experience. MSuite also received great accolades on its customer service which was also an important factor in our decision making process.

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Chris Canter

Post Covid-19, MEP Construction firms are pushing the envelope to increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase communications. MSUITE allows our staff to manage pre-fabrication operations at a distance and build efficiently.

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Brady Coulombe

We love the MSUITE and BIM360 integration! Being able to see the spools in 3D and 2D saves of lots of time, eliminating questions from the shop.

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