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PlanGrid Co-Founder Ralph Gootee

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA (DEC 17, 2020) MSUITE announced today that Ralph Gootee, former CTO and Co-Founder of PlanGrid, has joined its board of directors.


MSUITE is the growing leader in MEP construction software that improves collaboration, communication and productivity connecting BIM-to-Fab-to-Field project teams.

PlanGrid IconThe MSUITE management team is delighted to welcome Ralph Gootee to its board of directors. Mr. Gootee is currently a Visiting Partner at Y Combinator. In former roles, he was VP of Engineering, Chief Product Officer, and CTO at PlanGrid, where he helped build a +200 person Research & Development team.

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Additionally at PlanGrid, he was a board member along with former Salesforce COO George Hu, Sequoia Capital Partner Doug Leone, and former Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz. Working alongside the female founder and CEO, Tracy Young and CFO, Michael Galvan, he helped secure the acquisition of PlanGrid to Autodesk for a record $875 million in 2018.


“Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege to work with exceptional and passionate individuals and I’m very excited for the opportunity to work with the MSUITE Management Team, led by Britton Langdon and Benny Baltrotsky,” said Ralph, Visiting Partner at Y Combinator. Their industry expertise combined with market demand for revolutionary workflow, communication, and collaboration software, position’s MSUITE well to achieve its aggressive growth goals and a dominant market position.”


“Ralph has an incredible story as a Technology Leader and Co-Founder of PlanGrid thru its explosive growth, which led to its incredible $875 million acquisition,” said Britton Langdon, Chief Executive Officer at MSUITE. “His construction technology startup experience and influence are going to be invaluable as we enter our next growth stage.”


“We’re extremely excited to have Ralph join our board of directors,” said Benny Baltrotsky, Chief Operations Officer at MSUITE. “Ralph’s support is perfect timing for MSUITE, which has seen an impressive quarterly triple-digit revenue growth.”


In August 2020, MSUITE secured $4 million in seed funding raised by Next Level Ventures and Stanley Ventures, and a strategic investment from AEC technology firm, U.S. CAD. MSUITE’s innovative cloud-based fabrication shop platform is already trusted by many ENR Top 600 Specialty Contractor firms looking to increase productivity, enhance communication, and reduce costs. As the MEP construction industry continues to recognize the substantial schedule and cost savings of integrating prefabrication and modularization, MSUITE is enabling design, fabrication and construction team members to track, manage, and collaborate using lean best practices and powerful, innovative technology.


“I love the MSUITE team’s passion and unique construction productivity software for the MEP construction and Modular Building industry, and I believe together we can truly transform the industry,” said Ralph.




About MSUITE | Founded in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Born in Construction. MSUITE empowers MEP and Modular Construction firms to connect the BIM-to-FAB-to-FIELD workflow with easy-to-use, scalable, and industry-focused software that provides real-time status updates and valuable tracking and estimating information. Trusted by customers across North America, MSUITE’s mission is to continually offer contractors with superior client services married to best-in-class revolutionary technology that transforms construction projects. We Connect BIM-FAB-Field teams. Learn more at



Tyler Riddell | Peritus Marketing, on Behalf of MSUITE


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