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MSUITE Construct Pre-Fabrication Consultants Partnership

MEP Contractors and Modular Builders adopting lean manufacturing & fabrication best practices using superior MSUITE digital technology at the forefront of construction industry transformation.



MSUITE proudly announces a new strategic partnership with Construct Pre-Fabrication Consultants LLC to help deliver efficiency and better communications solutions for MEP Contractors and Modular builders. The partnership will help address important factors to control cost and quality in the mechanical contracting industry and enable multiple teams to work together in a seamless workflow.


As the construction industry continues to recognize the incredible schedule and cost effect of integrating pre-fabrication and modularization, they are seeing the need for enabling teams to track, manage and collaborate using lean best practices and powerful, innovative technology.


“In partnering with Construct Pre-Fabrication Consultants, we’re helping contractors solve systemic challenges as they capitalize on the promise of pre-fabrication and digital transformation,” said Britton Langdon, Chief Executive Officer at MSUITE. “As an advocate for MEP contractors and modular builders, we’re continuing to cultivate alliances to revolutionize how disparate teams in design, fabrication, and jobsite construction collaborate to increase productivity, safety, profitability, and reduce construction costs.”


Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Construct Pre-Fabrication Consultants LLC brings more than 30 years of experience enhancing the way contractors build through pre-fabrication, offsite construction, and modular construction processes. The firm designs SMART Pre-Fabrication systems for construction contractors across the U.S., including advising them on plans to design, build, and implement fabrication to specific requirements for new ground-up facilities or modifying existing shops. Their services are numerous and include detailed fabrication plans, production goals, equipment selection, matching design, new equipment layouts, employee training, and implementing and standardizing fabrication workflows throughout large construction firms. Also, CPF Consultants service-level agreements are second to none in offering QA/QC programs, generating spool sheets/spool map processes, workflow management from CAD-Purchasing-Fab, and Installation, Fab tracking, Field installation logistics, and accurate project coordination assuring submittals are in alignment with fabrication due dates.


“MEP contractors are spending six and seven figures plus for the hardware to set up a fabrication shop, but they lack the right software to run the shop effectively and collaborate with Design and Jobsite teams,” said David Antosiak, Owner at Construct Pre-Fab Consultants LLC. “Now more than ever, contractors need MSUITE technology to support and drive their pre-fabrication goals. Whether it is a ground-up new facility design, retrofitting an existing shop, or workflow enhancements, clients need a fab shop-designed digital platform to track, monitor and optimize what they are building.”


Already trusted by many ENR Top 600 Specialty Contractors firms, MSUITE’s innovative cloud-based platform’s impact is substantial for MEP and Modular Construction firms looking to increase productivity, flatten communication and reduce costs. MSUITE customer workflow studies demonstrate:


» 40% Increase in productivity in shops across the U.S. and Canada.
» 90% Reduction in Spool Sheet Creation Time vs. Competitive Methods.
» 90% Reduction in Time Spent Communicating KPIs with key project stakeholders on all construction projects.


The construction industry’s push into lean manufacturing and fabrication coupled with advanced technology offers substantially better project delivery outcomes – reduction of overall project schedule, increased safety, improved quality, higher efficiency, and reduced costs to name a few. Building components of a project in a controlled shop environment increases safety and reduces substantial delays. Improve project lifecycles beginning with estimation, planning, production up to field installation. More control over every aspect of your project. SMART Pre-Fabrication programs help teams shift from old practices to implementing project life cycles and strategies that push the boundaries in performance improvement unseen in history of construction.



About MSUITE | Founded in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Born in Construction. MSUITE empowers MEP and Modular Construction firms to connect the BIM-to-FAB-to-FIELD workflow with easy-to-use, scalable, and industry-focused software that provides real-time status updates and valuable tracking and estimating information. Trusted by customers across North America, MSUITE’s mission is to continually offer contractors with superior client services married to best-in-class revolutionary technology that transforms construction. We Connect BIM-FAB-Field teams.


About Construct-Pre Fabrication Consultants LLC | Founded in Denver, Colorado, Construct Pre Fabrication Consultants LLC., is owned and operated by David Antosiak, a 30+ plus year veteran and leader in pre-fabrication. The firm consults and implements SMART Pre Fabrication systems for construction contractors across the U.S., and design, build and implement fabrication processes customized to any contractor’s needs. Learn more at or call (970) 388-9388.

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