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Company Overview

D.A. Dodd is a leading company specializing in plumbing, pipefitting, and sheet metal trades across various sectors. With a strong presence in the territories it serves, Dodd excels in completing mechanical and plumbing projects by fostering positive relationships with customers, subcontractors, and suppliers. Dodd’s experience enables it to handle renovations and new construction, including higher education laboratories, residence halls, and large hotel towers. Utilizing the latest construction technology while turning to new ideas, D.A. Dodd takes construction to the next level with an innovative and talented team.

Key Highlights:

  • — Self-performance in plumbing, pipefitting, sheet metal, and HVAC across diverse sectors, including private, public, commercial, industrial, service applications, design-build, hospital, higher education, specialty, and gaming.
  • — Boasts a construction revenue volume of $75 million.
  • — Focus on higher education projects with notable clients such as Purdue and Notre Dame.
  • — Offers services through construction, maintenance, fabrication, industrial, and sheet metal divisions.

The adaptability of MSUITE allows us to manage projects efficiently.

Rob Anthrop
Fabrication Manager | D.A. Dodd

Recent Technological Advancements

  • — Implemented MSUITE software in November 2023, integrating it into the shop by mid-December.
  • — Onsite training was conducted in mid-January to optimize utilization.
  • — Transitioned from using tablets solely for viewing PDFs to leveraging MSUITE for BIM, FAB, and Field capabilities, enhancing field operations for installation tracking and QA/QC processes.
  • — Collaborates with a third-party mechanical contractor for drawing support, with seamless implementation and no obstacles encountered.
  • — Transitioned an apprentice into the fabrication shop to be a hands-on specialist to help expedite the implementation and facilitate staff support with general issues, accessing the app, etc.

Determining The Right Solution

Anthony Burnett, Operations Manager, remembers being introduced to MSUITE two years ago. “We’ve been encountering their Msuite at various conferences we attend, and over time, through conversations with peers in our network of companies, we increasingly saw the value in transitioning to the MSUITE platform.”

Rob Anthrop, Fabrication Manager, decided to go forward with MSUITE. “Following our engagement at the Fabrication Conference in August of 2023, we swiftly progressed, and by October, we had completed all necessary arrangements and officially signed on with MSUITE.  Our objective was to have everything set up and ready for implementation by the end of the year. With MSUITE’s collaboration, we successfully achieved this goal,” said Rob.

Transitioning from the Spreadsheet

Previously, all tracking was managed through an Excel SharePoint file, necessitating extensive manual updating and data entry by the fabrication shop manager and included:

  • — Work in progress (WIP) was monitored through this spreadsheet, allowing field foremen to access production insights.
  • — The spreadsheet entailed significant data entry tasks, including recording incoming deliveries, ongoing work, and completed tasks. This file was accessible among team members for tracking purposes.
  • — Each item had to be individually entered into the spreadsheet, requiring meticulous attention to detail. Tasks included monitoring the receipt of materials, tracking spools, and ensuring the availability of installation drawings.
  • — To indicate the status of tasks, lines were highlighted with green for items in progress and yellow for completed tasks, typically located at the shop.
  • — This process consumed considerable time and effort, with Rob primarily responsible for data entry within the Lafayette team.
  • — Before implementing MSUITE, the Lafayette team lacked a comprehensive tracking system, relying mainly on manually updating information regarding completed drawings and material status.

Flexible Setup

Internal projects and working with third parties to manage projects from Design to Fab to Field installation. The number of MSUITE Pilot Users included: 1 BIM License | 2 BIM Licenses for Partner | 9 Shop Workers | 6 Field Workers.

Currently, D.A. Dobb collaborates with another mechanical contractor, primarily based in Bloomington, IN, who utilizes two licenses of MSUITE BIM to transmit designs to us. While we operate in slightly different markets, this partner seamlessly transfers designs to our in-house team through MSUITE FAB.

These designs seamlessly integrate into MSUITE FAB for production within our shop, where nine workers are stationed, before being distributed to six field users for installation.

Rob Anthrop, Fabrication Mgr., DA Dodd
Rob Anthrop, Fabrication Mgr., D.A. Dodd

“We’re also utilizing MSUITE for tracking installation progress and ensuring quality assurance and control,” explained Rob Anthrop, our fabrication manager. “The adaptability of MSUITE allows us to manage projects efficiently by transmitting entire spool packages or single drawings through the system that are not a coordinated project,” he said.

Technology Rollout and Adoption

Rob Anthrop, Fabrication Manager, and Jordon Anthrop, Apprentice Support Specialist, collaborated on configuring the desktop version to ensure their workflows were optimized. Jordon’s contribution extended beyond this task as he played a vital role in setting up printers, configuring iPads, and resolving daily technical issues on the shop floor.

Jordon Anthrop - Apprentice Support Specialist, DA Dodd
Jordon Anthrop, Apprentice Support Specialist, D.A. Dodd

Rob acknowledged Jordon’s daily availability, emphasizing its significance in ensuring smooth operations, team support, and high production standards. Although Jordon primarily functions as an apprentice in the shop, his expertise with MSUITE allowed him to conduct training sessions, facilitating seamless integration of new technologies like MSUITE.

The transition to MSUITE, despite adding an extra step at each workstation, proved to be straightforward due to the prior familiarity of the team with tablet usage for PDF design reviews, transitioning from a paperless workflow.

Communication with MSUITE support occurred through online chat or video conference calls, with Jordan highlighting the swift response times, sometimes within seconds. Reflecting on the rollout, Rob and Jordon expressed satisfaction, considering it one of the most effortless software transitions they’ve experienced.

Training sessions conducted by Jordon for the iPad forum involved hands-on instruction followed by direct engagement with the team on the shop floor, ensuring a smooth adoption process.

Reasons for Choosing MSUITE Over Competitors

  1. Vision for Growth and Innovation: MSUITE is committed to continual improvement and innovation by actively incorporating user feedback into product development, fostering a dynamic environment that aligns with our vision for growth.
  2. Comprehensive Tracking: The platform’s ability to track every aspect of our operations enhances communication and transparency, allowing us to monitor progress effectively and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Focus on Throughput: MSUITE provides valuable insights into our throughput, enabling us to analyze productivity metrics such as cutting hourly rates, facilitating informed decision-making, and optimizing our processes.

Favorite Features

  1. Responsive Support: MSUITE offers prompt support services, ensuring quick resolution of any issues that arise, significantly enhancing our user experience.
  2. MSUITE FABShop Insights: The platform provides comprehensive insights into the status and progress of projects within the shop, allowing us to monitor each stage of production and throughput efficiently.
  3. Centralized Platform: By consolidating all relevant information and tools into a single platform, MSUITE streamlines its workflows, eliminating the need to navigate between multiple locations, thus improving overall efficiency and usability.

What Would We Tell Another Fabricator

Anthony Burnett - Operations Manager, D.A, Dodd
Anthony Burnett – Operations Manager, D.A, Dodd

“MSUITE simplifies processes by allowing you to customize workflows according to your needs and track the progress of each piece (spool) as it moves through various stations. Despite its comprehensive tracking capabilities, the platform offers simplicity, especially after undergoing implementation and workflow setup. The flexibility to adjust on the fly contributes to its ease of use. Additionally, MSUITE offers excellent training and support, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing assistance,” emphasized Anthony Burnett, Operations Manager.

About D.A. Dodd

D.A. Dodd has been providing quality service and craftsmanship in Indiana and Michigan since 1995. As a fully bonded, insured, union mechanical contractor, D.A. Dodd handles jobs of all sizes including plumbing, heating, cooling, sheet metal and industrial process piping for commercial, industrial, and institutional customers. Whether it’s a multi-million-dollar installation or a minor retrofit, D.A. Dodd has the experience to ensure your job is completed on time and within budget. Visit the website.

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