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MSUITE Delivers Key Capabilities

  • — Order tracking
  • — Manpower planning
  • — Status & productivity tracking
  • — Delivery scheduling
  • — Integrated data management


“I would emphasize that MSUITE is a catalyst for organizational efficiency. It has significantly improved the quality and amount of data available to manage our capacity and processes, making us more organized and efficient”

Mark Van Sickle
VP of Manufacturing


Mark Van SickleStreimer is a family-owned specialty contractor in commercial and industrial HVAC, Process Exhaust, plumbing, and architectural metals, serving the Portland, Oregon market for over 75 years. Their commitment and passion lie in undertaking challenging projects and delivering innovative solutions.

We interviewed Mark Van Sickle, the VP of Manufacturing at Streimer and other team members to gain further insights into their innovative approach to business success and how they leverage MSUITE to enhance their sheet metal fabrication operations.

Industry Trends and Adoption of Technology

The prefabrication industry, particularly in sheet metal fabrication, is experiencing several trends driven by technological advancements and sustainability goals. Digitalization and automation, including 3D modeling and IoT integration, have enhanced precision and efficiency. Other trends include:

  • — Customization and design flexibility are on the rise, with a focus on parametric design tools.
  • — Prefabricated building systems, advanced materials, and coatings contribute to faster construction and improved performance.
  • — Supply chain optimization, collaborative construction approaches, and the adoption of lean manufacturing principles further characterize the industry.
  • — Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies are employed for training and visualizing processes, while modular construction techniques, including prefabricated sheet metal modules, continue to expedite construction schedules.
Chris Mixon, Streimer
Chris Mixon, Streimer


“In response to trends in the prefabrication industry, especially in sheet metal fabrication, Streimer recognized the advantages of pre-assembling HVAC spools. With an increasing focus on efficiency, MSUITE is the ideal solution as we also expand our piping and plumbing business.”
Mark Van Sickle, VP of Manufacturing, Streimer.

Challenges Driving Technology Adoption

Streimer’s fabrication shop faced challenges managing over 10,000 work packages annually, struggling with tracking orders, fabrication, and deliveries.

Prefabricated small duct spools and rectangular prefab duct spools awaiting delivery 2

Predicting manpower needs for planning was also problematic. Despite using Excel spreadsheets for work tracking, the manual entry of data across various documents led to inefficiencies. These included the WIP tracking spreadsheet, Scheduling spreadsheet, Delivery Calendar, Time tracking tool, and Fabrication CAMDuct, which were not integrated.

With the implementation of MSUITE FAB, Mark highlighted a significant time-saving advantage, as data entry is now streamlined, reducing the need for duplicate information input.

Streimer’s Requirements for MSUITE

In searching for new technology to optimize their workflows, Streimer was very specific in its requirements. “Our criteria for MSUITE FAB included order tracking, manpower planning, status/productivity tracking, delivery scheduling, and integrated data management. A consolidated, integrated tool was vital for eliminating disconnected processes,” said Mark.

“MSUITE has given us the possibility of looking at work in a whole new way,” said Josh Risor, Shop Lead, Streimer.

  • — Order tracking
  • — Manpower/labor planning and forecasting
  • — Status and Productivity tracking
  • — Delivery scheduling
  • — Efficiencies in data management (one integrated tool vs. several disconnected)

Key Features and Product Appeal - Fabrication Shop Software


As Mark notes, the competitive advantage of MSUITE FAB lies in its ability to track true productivity and report craftworker time for payroll. The integration with Power BI, allowing for automatic updates and CSV exports to Sage 300 accounting, adds significant appeal. The system’s capability for order status and location tracking is also pivotal.

MSUITE FAB Implementation and Support

Streimer is currently eight months into its implementation and already expanding usage to track HVAC, custom fabrication, and soon, architectural orders. The dedicated support from MSUITE’s customer support team and bi-weekly meetings ensure ongoing assistance. “MSUITE provided initial training, that includes remote support, and on-site visits to facilitate a smooth adoption process,” Mark said.

Streimer - Installed example

The shop team’s enthusiasm for MSUITE was evident. Streimer’s CNC Programming team and shop supervisors quickly integrated the tool, actively seeking ways to enhance workflow integration. The shipping team found value in the tool’s benefits for tracking and coordinating deliveries.

Key Metrics Demonstrating Value

According to Mark, MSUITE has demonstrated its value by providing the data and tools to effectively manage over 90,000 fabrication hours each year, ensuring zero lost orders, and successfully processing 17,000 to 28,000 items monthly without losses. The shift from paper drawings to iPads has notably increased efficiency on the shop floor.

Prefabricated large duct spool

Impressions and benefits observed include Streimer’s ability to instantly access order status and location, receive tailored drawings in My Work, and utilize the integration between MSUITE and Power BI, providing crucial production data. These improvements and the elimination of manual activities surpass the capabilities of their previous collection of tools.

Critical Shop Integrations

Justin Newton, Streimer
Justin Newton, Streimer

Streimer required a versatile software platform that seamlessly integrates with various technologies and hardware to support its fabrication shop operations.

An illustrative example is MSUITE’s integration with Autodesk Fabrication CAMDuct for HVAC orders and Sigmanest for generating CSV input for jobs heading to the fiber laser, highlighting the platform’s adaptability within the shop environment.

“By keeping track of our items digitally with MSUITE, our shop has real-time visibility. We rarely search for misplaced items anymore as we load trucks every day, and move our products to our customers,” said Brad Lindquist, CNC Programmer, Streimer.


OSU Cordley Hall West

Adapting a 70-year-old, 4-story, 90,000-square-foot building to modern mechanical systems during a comprehensive renovation.

Corvallis, OR | Completed Spring 2022

The challenge at Oregon State University’s Cordley Hall West, a 70-year-old, four-story, 90,000-square-foot building, lay in adapting it to modern mechanical systems during a comprehensive renovation.

The complexity was heightened by the need for 100% exhaust and outside air replacement in the laboratory spaces. Working collaboratively with Andersen Construction, Hennebery Eddy Architects, and Systems West Engineers, our team engaged in early 3D modeling to ensure alignment with lab programming.

The final solutions incorporated a four-pipe hydronic system with active chilled beams and radiant panels, alongside a heat recovery chiller, integrating seamlessly with the campus District Utility Plant’s chilled water and heat exchangers.

About Streimer

Since 1946, Streimer Sheet Metal Works, Inc. has upheld a fundamental principle of going beyond expectations. With over seven decades of experience, we’ve solidified our reputation as a premier supplier of sheet metal products, systems, and services. Visit our website to discover more about our dedication to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

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