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10 Amazing Things to Do in Philly at NECA 2023

Philadelphia, often referred to as the City of Brotherly Love, is not only known for its historical significance but also its vibrant culture, diverse neighborhoods, and exciting attractions. As NECA 2023 approaches, attendees can explore the city’s wonders between conference sessions. Here’s a curated list of the top 10 amazing things to do in Philly […]

5 Best Practices for Implementing Electrical Prefabrication

Implementing electrical prefabrication is becoming more common everyday in the construction industry.  According to a 2020 Dodge Data & Analytics report, prefabrication and modular construction use in commercial construction have increased 7% over the past five years. Additionally, prefabrication is gaining popularity as a way to address labor shortages and improve efficiency in the construction […]

What to Do at the MEP Innovation Conference in Austin

The MEP Innovation Conference 2023 brings the industry’s leading trade associations, MCAA, NECA, and SMACNA, together to host the best technology conference for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and sheet metal contractors. This year’s conference will offer educational sessions led by contractors from all three trade associations, including collaborative roundtable discussions, innovative speaker sessions, and hands-on exhibitors […]

Why electrical prefabrication is worth the investment today

Have you tried electrical prefabrication on a recent project? Like many other construction industry sectors, electrical prefabrication is becoming more popular in the electrical industry for many reasons, including, but not limited to, improved productivity, reduced costs, and increased component installation times. As a result, modular construction is also leveraging these methods successfully. Prefabrication includes identifying […]

10 Benefits of Prefab in Construction

Prefabrication (or Prefab) involves constructing building components offsite and at a secure facility, then transporting the materials and units for assembly on the jobsite. While on the jobsite, trade contractors assemble units and hand over buildings to their new owners. This process eliminates the need for traditional “stick-building” construction and, among many benefits, reduces waste. […]

5 Benefits Prefabrication and Manufacturing Can Have on Your Mechanical Projects

The last decade has seen incredible growth with technologies hoping to increase productivity and help teams deliver projects efficiently and profitably. The access to information and ease with which we can communicate has revolutionized most businesses. But, unfortunately, it has also led to individuals expecting immediate results. The construction industry feels the same effects in […]

Everything you need to know about Electrical Prefabrication

Although prefabrication strategies have been utilized in construction for quite a long time, they are fairly new to the electrical industry. Modular construction, building offsite, and assembly on the jobsite connect components in a warehouse or facility before delivering partially or finished parts to the jobsite for installation. Working in a controlled environment has many […]

Electrical Prefabrication is here. Why it’s Important?

Electrical prefabrication is rapidly taking shape in the construction industry. Like other construction industry areas, the need to increase productivity and reduce costs without sacrificing quality drives prefabrication to become popular in the U.S. electrical industry. As a result, there has been a rise in prefabrication and modular construction methods, with growing evidence in productivity improvements, […]

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