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Increase Jobsite Productivity

Never lose sight of project statuses, materials, manpower and issues.

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Track Fabrication in Real-Time

Logistics Management for the Field

Increase visibility, clarity, and communication between your Field and Shop teams by leveraging MSUITE to track the status of fabrication packages, create fabrication requests and receiving materials on site.

Your Priorities at Your Fingertips

MSUITE allows you to change your priorities as job site conditions change. Simply move your shipping request date or pause your work on the shop floor and the shop will be notified immediately of your changes.

Receive Materials On Site

Optional Signature Requirements

Validate that a shipment arrived and automate notifications to key personnel. MSUITE tracks what shipments arrived, when they arrived, and who signed for them so that you can be assured your fabrication arrived on time and at the proper location.

Inventory Received Items and Verify Quality

Seamlessly scan barcoded labels to check-in received items on site and automatically communicate the status of the shipped items and their condition.

Integrating BIM to Field

Reach into the Model from the Field

Grab data like fabrication status to better visualize the schedule difference between plan vs. actual.

One Sheet of Music

By leveraging the integration with Autodesk BIM 360, MSUITE shows you the most up-to-date model data and drawings ensuring that everyone is working from the same information.

One of the most important factors to control cost and quality in the mechanical contracting industry is to enable multiple teams to work together in a seamless workflow. Having a second-to-none fabrication team work seamlessly with the Detailers and onsite construction crews makes MSUITE’s innovative technology unique and remarkable.

David Conley | Director of Manufacturing at Lee Company

What our customers are saying

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John Trammell

MSUITE is crucial to helping Brandt deliver superior designs and accurate fabrication to commercial and industrial facilities across Texas.

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CJ Best

McKinstry selected MSuite for its robust set of features and user experience. MSuite also received great accolades on its customer service which was also an important factor in our decision making process.

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Chris Canter

Post Covid-19, MEP Construction firms are pushing the envelope to increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase communications. MSUITE allows our staff to manage pre-fabrication operations at a distance and build efficiently.

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Brady Coulombe

MSUITE works continuously to improve their software and add functionality. For PSM, the Power BI Data Exports and Digital Spools have increased efficiency, saved time in the shop, and provided a platform for scheduling

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