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BIM 6.2 Release - Feb 2024


We’re thrilled to announce the release of MSUITE BIM 6.2, packed with new features and improvements to elevate your spool management, PDF creation, and uploading experience to MSUITE FAB. In this release, we have launched the MSUITE Desktop App now handling the uploading process outside of Revit, you’ll receive instant notifications and status updates on your uploads, allowing you to stay informed and in control every step of the way.ย  We’ve relocated the Upload Drawings feature to the Manage Spools feature set, providing a more streamlined way to upload spool drawings to MSUITE FAB.

But that’s not all โ€“ we’ve also added the ability to group spools by packages, customize the displayed columns to your preference, and even create PDF drawings directly within Manage Spools for added convenience. We’re excited to introduce the new Item Numbering feature, enabling you to number anything in Revit easily.

And that’s just the beginning โ€“ we’ve also significantly improved Plan View orientation options for defining spool template settings, along with many other exciting updates and bug fixes you won’t want to miss.

Watch the BIM 6.2 Overview:

๐Ÿ“ˆ What’s New

Manage Spools:

One of the significant updates in MSUITE BIM 6.2 is the relocation of the Upload Drawings feature to the Manage Spools feature set. This update makes uploading spool drawings from MSUITE BIM (Revit) to MSUITE FAB easier. With this change, all aspects of Spools can now be managed through a centralized system, ensuring a single source of truth.
In MSUITE BIM 6.2, the uploading process is handled by the MSUITE Desktop App outside of Revit. So when you upload drawings from Manage Spools, the system will quickly process the necessary information and upload it outside of Revit.

Group by Package & Show/Hide Columns

Manage Spools now allows users to group by Package for streamlined spool management and data organization. Users can easily select all spools in a package by clicking the specific package checkbox. Group by Package is located in the new filter icon on the top right corner of the spool data grid. We’ve also included a hide/show option to avoid too many columns getting in your way.

PDF Creation

We are delighted to announce that creating PDF drawings has become easier with the latest release of MSUITE BIM 6.2. We have integrated a new feature that lets you create PDF files directly within Manage Spools.

Creating a Print Settings

With MSUITE BIM 6.2, you can create a native Revit Print Settings for our new Manage Spools PDF creator. This feature allows you to customize your PDF creation settings to your specific project needs and easily create high-quality PDF drawings.
By leveraging this native Revit feature and creating your own custom Print Settings, you can easily create high-quality PDF drawings and further streamline your PDF creation process in MSUITE BIM 6.2.

Column Filtering

We are thrilled to announce that the latest version of MSUITE BIM, version 6.2, includes an improved column filter in the Manage Spools feature. This enhancement provides more control and flexibility over your spool data. Each Manage Spools’ column now features an Excel filter, which allows you to sort and filter specific spool data quickly.

Item Numbering

We’re thrilled to announce the release of MSUITE BIM 6.2 with its new Item Numbering feature. With this tool, you can now easily number anything in Revit.

Item Source

The new item numbering feature lets you switch between numbering elements based on your current selection or all elements in your active view. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the options “Selection” or “Active View”; you can quickly apply additional filtering with the built-in item filtering feature. Simply click the blue down arrow, and a filtering window will display that’s sorted by Revit Categories and subcategory and shows the number of elements per category.

๐Ÿ“ˆ Other Improvements

Spool Plan View Orientation

MSUITE BIM 6.2 now offers improved Plan View orientation options for defining spool template settings. The orientation settings now come with three options for plan view, designed to assist when a building is not a simple 90-degree angled project. If you have adjusted your True North, Project North, or spools at some wild angles, we have you covered to ensure they look great on your spool sheets.

MSUITE BIM Icons โ€“ Light & Dark Mode Support

MSUITE BIM now has updated Revit Ribbon icons that are compatible with Revit’s Light & Dark Modes. This update allows users to seamlessly integrate MSUITE BIM into their preferred visual environment, providing a more intuitive and consistent user experience.

For more important details on bug fixes or updates on MSUITE BIM, please visit the customer support portal.

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